£10k appeal for our daughter Rosie

A Lancaster family have launched an appeal to raise money to adapt their housefor their profoundly disabled daughter.

Thursday, 9th March 2017, 1:00 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:07 am
From left: Luke Massie, founder of Vibe Tickets, donating £1,000 to Sarah and Stuart Phillips of Lancaster, to help towards Rosie's appeal.

Stuart and Sarah Phillips of Nairn Road, St George’s Quay, are hoping to raise £10,000 or more to make alterations to their house, and possibly an extension, to enable them to look after their daughter Rosie, who is three, now and in the future.

Rosie’s mum Sarah said: “There is no chance Rosie will ever walk, talk, see or sit up and she is fed through a tube. She is still undiagnosed. Numerous tests have been done on Rosie and doctors can’t find anything.All we know is part of the fibres that meet to control the left and right side of the brain are missing.

“It could explain why she is not developing. We are part of the 100,000 genome project to try and find the cause of her problems but there is no saying they will have an answer.

Sarah Phillips and her daughter Rosie.

“Rosie is still growing normally and with her bedroom upstairs it could become difficult as she gets older.

“That’s why we want level access at the back and for her bedroom so everything is all on one level.”

Rosie was born on January9, 2014 and all seemed well. Sarah and Stuart said that after having two boys already, having a girl was “amazing.”

Rosie had just turned fourmonths-old when she had her first seizure. Her parents noticed she wasn’t developing properly. Sarah, 40, said: “I’m so overwhelmed by people’s support. We’ve already had donations of 3,600 and people have also raised £500 separately.

Sarah Phillips and her daughter Rosie.

“There is a sponsored walk on March 25 from the end of the quay to Glasson Dock.

“If you want to take part call Stuart Phillips on 07748093527. Stuart is also taking part in an amateur boxing match at ABC Coastal against other binmen to raise money for the appeal.”

Donate at :https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sarahphillips1703.