Carnforth schoolchildren design artwork to promote rail safety

Carnforth schoolchildren designed a piece of artwork to promote rail safety.

Thursday, 1st August 2019, 10:17 am
Updated Thursday, 1st August 2019, 11:17 am
Children from North Road Community Primary School with their artwork designed to promote rail safety.

The Year 5 class at North Road Community Primary School in Carnforth took part in a railway safety project called Sheep on the Line, which has been developed by Northern Year in Industry Students.

Last month the class of 25 children, visited Carnforth Heritage Centre for an educational day out.

After going on a guided tour of the Heritage Centre where the children learnt about key aspects of railway history they worked with artist, Alastair Nicholson in creating a piece of artwork that is now available to view at the station.

Children from North Road Community Primary School making their artwork.

The piece, entitled Suzy Says Stay Of The Track, was made with pieces of coloured plasticine moulded into different shapes to create a picture of a sheep, which conveys the important safety message about staying off train tracks.

Adrian Ibison, head teacher at North Road Community Primary School said: “The school was more than happy to support this project and to get involved hands on.

“Railway safety is an important topic, particularly in this area and this was an innovative way of getting the message across.

“The class really enjoyed the day as it was both educational and fun for them and to have this piece of artwork displayed at Carnforth Railway Station means that their work can be viewed not only by visitors to the station but by their families and friends. This is something they can be proud of for years to come.”

The class spent an afternoon creating Suzy Says Stay Off The Track with Mr Nicholson who works with community groups and schools to create unique pieces of artwork in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

He said: “Rail safety is a very relevant topic at the moment as railways are getting busier so it was a really interesting project to work on because it was about getting that message across to the children without frightening them.

“We all really enjoyed the day and it was a pleasure to work with the class.”

The project was undertaken in conjunction with the Leeds-Morecambe Community Rail Partnership, based in Bentham and the chairman, Gerald Townson was there on the day the children created the artwork.

He said: “The Leeds-Morecambe Community Rail Partnership and Northern’s Year-in-Industry university students were pleased that Carnforth North Road Community Primary School welcomed the opportunity, along with other primary schools on the Bentham Line, to participate in our ‘Sheep on the Line’ project covering rail safety, rail and local history and the creation of a major piece of artwork on a rail-safety theme for the school and local station.

“The pupils and their staff thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the educational activities offered both at the school and at Carnforth Heritage Centre. We were delighted to present them with the colourful artwork they created and to unveil the panels featuring their design.”

Martin Keating, interim stakeholder manager (West Region) said: “We always encourage our year in industry colleagues to develop their understanding of the railway community, and this project running alongside the Leeds-Morecambe partnership is a great example of this.

“The project has not only developed children’s understanding of railway safety but also allowed them to create a piece of artwork that has transformed Carnforth station.”