Taxi driver turns author

Taxi driver Dave Price, who has written a book detailing his experiences as a cabbie.
Taxi driver Dave Price, who has written a book detailing his experiences as a cabbie.

A TAXI driver has written an e-book about some of his funnier tales and experiences picking up fares.

Dave Price, from Heysham, who has driven a taxi in the Morecambe and Lancaster area for six years, is now a fully fledged author as his book How To Annoy A Taxi Driver is for sale on the Amazon website.

He said: “It all started two years ago as Facebook statuses. As something happened, I would write a status about it.

“I would get feedback and people thought it was funny. I wrote a blog for Facebook based on what I thought about people getting into the taxi.

“Things kept happening over and over again. Things happen and they need to be recorded for posterity.”

At Christmas, 2011, Dave received a newsfeed telling him about Amazon allowing people to self-publish books.

Dave said: “I thought, I’ll see what happens. On my mobile I have a blog entry and I expanded upon that, and that’s how it all came together.

“I’d be writing notes and working at the same time and I thought “I’m never going to get this book finished”.

“At a certain point I had to draw a line under it.”

He submitted his book for publishing and the rest is history.

Dave’s Kindle e-book has already sold 40 copies and he receives a third from sales. So far he has made £20.

He said: “My aim is to entertain and I feel proud of myself for doing it.

“Most of the passengers I’ve picked up are from round here, and there’s probably an element of ‘Oh my word, that sounds like the sort of thing I get up to when I’ve had a drink!’ about it.

“I guess it qualifies as local interest.”

Dave’s next novel will be science fiction but he said: “I’m still writing the blog and that could become another book.”

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