Lancaster beauty salon is first business in district to use specialist UV cleaning system ahead of April 12 reopening

A Lancaster beauty salon was visited by an unusual client last week - a state-of-the-art hospital grade UV disinfectant machine.

Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 4:18 pm
The UV disinfectant machine at work.

Simply Beauty in Dalton Square is the first business in the local area to use the Topline UV system, which kills 99.99 per cent of Covid-19, Norovirus and other microbes.

Business owner Samantha Kitchen said: “As a business preparing for reopening on April 12, I wanted to protect my team members and clients more than what is already done.

"I hired Topline UV Systems to come into the salon and give it a deep clean with the UVC-450. I could not recommend Topline UV enough and highly recommend for any business worrying about the safety issues surrounding Covid-19. Simply Beauty was Salon Safe in under 20 minutes without the use of chemicals.”

Simply Beauty owner Samantha Kitchen with the UV disinfectant machine.

Stuart Bonnell from Topline UV Systems said: “Simply Beauty is the only business in the local area that is using proven UVC technology as we look to rebuild confidence on the high street and beyond of people wary about the contagion risk of Covid-19.

“The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent track and trace initiative has driven the need for steadfast hygiene in public spaces to safeguard UK citizens and prevent spread.

"Now more than ever, employers, retailers and hospitality owners are responsible for deploying a robust indoor cleaning protocol to stop the spread of Covid-19 in high footfall everyday environments.

“The system incorporates proven UVC light sterilisation technology which, for decades, has kept the public safe from harmful bacteria in major leisure centres across the UK.

"The solution has now been adapted by Topline UV to kill the Covid-19 virus alongside any future outbreaks and harmful bacteria and pathogens in work and leisure environments in a fast, thorough, efficient, and safe manner, the faultless sanitisation technology guarantees to eliminate 99.99 per cent of lingering Covid-19 virus cell from ceiling to floor.

“If you operate any indoor space that is used by multiple people, then UV technology will prevent your organisation from spreading the virus by safe chemical free sterilisation of surfaces from every touch point that your employees and customers come into contact with.

“Although manual processes are still required to clean away visible dirt, UVC is the only way to neutralise and eliminate harmful pathogens, bacteria and viruses from every single surface and touchpoint."

To work, the unit is simply pushed into a space, turned on for a set period and left to treat the space. This type of treatment requires no chemicals and leaves no chemical residue behind.

The room is ready for use straight after the treatment. The users require no Health and Safety equipment as they simple leave the room whilst the unit is operating. A room around 5m x 5m would take about 20 minutes.

The unit is mains powered and plugged into a 13-amp socket, controlled by a touch screen, which activates the UV lamps two minutes after the person has left the space.

The UV tower will not be switched on until the in-built motion detection senses that the room is clear of people. If a person enters the space before the cycle is complete, the motion detector turns off the UV lamps.

The technology has been used in spaces such as call centres, schools, dental and doctors' surgeries, gyms, hotels, nursing homes, operating theatres and restaurants.