Eric Morecambe’s favourite car goes under the hammer

Eric Morecambe's Jensen Interceptor which will be going under the hammer next month. Picture: Silverstone Auctions.
Eric Morecambe's Jensen Interceptor which will be going under the hammer next month. Picture: Silverstone Auctions.

Comedian Eric Morecambe’s favourite car will be going under the hammer next month.

The 1968 Jensen Interceptor was being driven by Eric Morecambe that same year to Leeds from a performance at the Variety Club in Batley, when he suffered his first heart attack.

Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise.

Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise.

Although serious at the time, the event soon became a running anecdote that the comedy legend loved to recount for laughs.

The story brought fame to a Yorkshireman called Walter Butterworth, who jumped into the Jensen and drove it to the hospital when the TV star became incapacitated.

Walter had been walking home from a night out at the time when the car pulled alongside and the comedian asked for his help.

Eric Morecambe went on to tell that story many times over, including in an interview with Michael Parkinson in 1972.

Residing at Morecambe’s house in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, the car was driven personally by Eric as well as used by Morecambe’s chauffeur, Mike Fountain, to ferry him and wife Joan around.

According to Mike Fountain, this Interceptor was Eric’s favourite car.

A 2007 interview with Mike Fountain shed more light on Morecambe’s time with the car.

He said: ““We started off in 1969, at that time we had the Jensen Interceptor. That was my favourite car, it was really nice.

“It was marketed as a 2 seater+, which meant it had two seats and what can only be described as a bench in the back. There was no room at all for a third person, it was more of a sports car really.

“That was the only downside when Eric and Joan went out together and I was driving, someone had to be screwed up in the back. It usually turned out to be Eric.”

Nick Jensen, managing director of Silverstone Auctions, said: “Being in the car business, I always kept my eye out for that car.and I eventually tracked it down and set out to restore it to the fabulous condition in which it is today.It was a six-figure restoration,that took several years. I wanted it to be exactly the way it was when Eric Morecambe was driving it.”

The car, which is expected to fetch £110,000, will go under the hammer at the Silverdale Auctions NEC Classic Motor Show sale in Birminghamon November 11 - 12.

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