Darren Milby column: Jonathan and Charlotte get last laugh

Jonathan and Charlotte
Jonathan and Charlotte
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Do you remember Jonathan and Charlotte from Britain’s Got Talent last year?

They are a teenage operatic duo who arrived onstage at the TV audition looking like startled rabbits in the headlights.

The producers did the ‘Susan Boyle’ technique on them. They do it every year with someone where they edit the footage to make it look like the buffoons who have just wandered onto the stage are the biggest clowns since Ronald McDonald.

We then cut to sniggering audience members who are preparing to hiss and boo at the laughing stock presented before them.

Simon Cowell then gives the act a withering look, makes a snide comment under his breath and tells them to get on with it.

They start singing. Shock they are good. Brilliant in fact.

Cut to each judge in turn as they act out their well-rehearsed surprised face. And by the end of the performance the audience are on their feet whooping and begging for more and the judges are clapping like excited seals.

All acts have been through several auditions with producers before being put before an arena audience – surely the judges must have been told the act they are about to watch are actually good?

I had a chat with Charlotte on my Bay show last week. It was supposed to be both of them but poor Jonathan had to cry off because he had a vomiting bug. And as we recently had new carpet fitted at The Bay studios I felt it would be too big a risk to take.

Charlotte told me she had no idea about the build up to their audition until she watched it on TV. Simon Cowell even said “just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse” as the pair walked on stage.

But it was Jonathan and Charlotte who had the last laugh. Their sensational audition was so emotional to watch and I have to admit I may have shed a tear or two.

They went on to release their debut album last year which reached the top five of the mainstream album chart. That’s quite an achievement for an opera act. Their new album has just come out and Charlotte is hoping it follows the same path to success.

Charlotte told me that now feels like their time. Jonathan was suffering depression before appearing on Britain’s Got Talent. Now he is happy and has even lost four stone in weight. And things are going well for them both – apart from Jonathan’s vomiting bug. I hope the new album does really well for them.