Darren Milby column: Britney sings live shock

Britney Spears
Britney Spears
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I read a story in a music magazine this week with a certain degree of disbelief.

The story concerned one-time pop princess Britney Spears and was an announcement from Ms Spears confirming she will sing live as part of some concerts at a Las Vegas hotel.

I’m sorry, but she is a singer. Why wouldn’t she sing live?

For all her previous world tours Britney has mimed her way through the concerts and if the issue was ever raised she would blame it on exhausting choreography and spouting nonsense about a Britney show being more than just the music it’s also a visual experience.

What a load of rubbish. If you can’t sing live don’t call yourself a singer and charge people £80 to see you mime to a CD. Surely that’s against the trade’s descriptions act?

Creating a furore is an amazing way to get noticed and sell a gazillion records. Miley Cyrus is clearly a very talented performer. She’s been at it since she was a kid. She is certainly better than her dad who did that awful Achy Breaky Heart.

Her performance at the MTV Awards recently was news around the world with that ‘twerking’ and that giant rubber hand thing she was waving around.

And I’m sure the intention of the whole piece was to have a hit record. Well that objective has been achieved.

I just can’t help thinking that she may regret that in the future. I’m sure it seems like a great idea now but it did look a bit trashy.

Although I guess it’s a well-trodden path. Madonna has spent 30 years trying to shock and instead of regretting her actions she just moves onto the next shock tactic.