Ellison would put body on the line again for another winning goal

Kevin Ellison.
Kevin Ellison.
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Kevin Ellison wouldn’t think twice about putting his head where it hurts again after fracturing his eye socket scoring the winning goal against Mansfield.

The Shrimps talisman headed home five minutes from time in the 2-1 victory at One Call Stadium on Saturday but got a kick in the face for his troubles.

And despite suffering an injury that will keep him out until at least New Year’s Day, the wide man says he wouldn’t hesitate to do it all again.

The 34-year-old said: “I saw the specialist on Monday and he said it’s one of the better fractures I can get because there’s no muscle damage which means I don’t need an operation.

“Apart from that there’s just a bit of bruising to the back of the eye so they were worried about my sight but I’d take that for a winner.

“If someone said the ball was going to be there again bouncing up to score the winner of course I’d do it again.”

Ellison was back with the squad for the first time since the game on Thursday.

He will be present when the Shrimps host Cheltenham at the Globe Arena on Saturday but admits he isn’t good at sitting on the sidelines.

The forward said: “I’m alright, it’s my first day back in training today (Thursday) and I’m going to do some upper body work.

“Overall, my lips, nose and cheek are a little bit numb because the nerve’s a bit damaged but the eye has settled down well.

“It feels a bit like when you’ve been to the dentist and the anaesthetic is wearing off.

“It’s not nice at all but I’m just happy to be back in because I’ve been sat at home bored.

“I’ll be watching (on Saturday) but I’m not the best of spectators.

“I won’t enjoy it if I’m honest.”

As for the injury itself, Ellison admits he didn’t see his match-winning header against the Stags hit the back of the net.

He said: “I remember heading it, feeling the impact of the lad’s foot and then I heard a cheer.

“I didn’t look up because I thought I’d lost my teeth at the time.

“When everyone came over and started patting me on the back I was more worried about my teeth.

“I didn’t think it was as bad as it’s turned out to be.

“I got a kick in the face and there was a bit of blood but I was more than happy to get the winner.”

And the veteran knows how important a goal it could be for the Shrimps.

He said: “Recently we’ve not been doing too well.

“Results haven’t been the best of late. We thought we did okay against York but couldn’t score.

“Mansfield weren’t on the best of runs but it’s not an easy place to go so to get the three points was big for us.”