Will drivers see a benefit or more congestion after all this?

Work on the link road.
Work on the link road.

As work on the M6 Link Road progresses, and the utter destruction and devastation of greenbelt, trees, hedgerows and consequently wildlife is apparent, how can it be aksed: ‘Will it all be worth it?’

People who are so badly affected by this monster road will draw little comfort from the vague hope that it might all be worth it in the end.

A news article said traffic will be worse before it gets better.

In my opinion, it will get worse before it gets much worse.

On completion of the link road there will be major repairs to both Skerton and Greyhound bridges, so we shall see how useful a bridge at Halton is for local traffic then.

We shall also have extra traffic from the new homes on The Quay ‘cul de sac’.

People are upset at what they see now, but there is so much worse to come when bridges are built across main roads.

What condition will our existing roads be in when the huge construction vehicles have finished damaging them, and will the councils have the money to repair them? With traffic 
forecast to increase by 22 per 
cent between the new traffic lights at McDonald’s and the Shrimp roundabout when the link road is completed (LCC’s figures), and a mighty five minutes reduced from travelling time from the M6 to Morecambe Road at peak times only (also LCC’s figures), I’d say it’s a very high price to pay financially, environmentally and in human misery.

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