Where are our Morecambe photographers?

Do they not know that the Moon is orbiting much closer to Earth than normal, giving photographers an excellent opportunity to get close-up pictures of our nearest neighbour?

I looked at it at 3am today ( March 24), and it certainly seemed huge, and perfectly clear (ideal for photographers).

Since the Moon generates our tides, I checked the Visitor Tide & Weather statistics, to see what effects the closer Moon had on tidal heights.

I’m afraid that I’m not sure what I was reading, and am seriously wondering whether they are tidal measures or sand measures!

It says that tidal predictions are supplied by a certain laboratory, but who verifies them by actually reading the well-known signs in Morecambe?

As for measurements, are they in feet, yards or millepedes?

Perhaps they are of sand heights - there is now much more sand in Morecambe Bay than water - thanks to the senseless 1970 changes to boundaries.

These changes are bringing a slow destruction of the once-unique Morecambe Bay.

Anyway, where are those missing pictures?

Roy Rowlands.