Letters: 25/02/14

Spiderman with clowns from the Trio George Alexison at the Circus Starr big top on Morecambe promenade. Picture Garth Hamer
Spiderman with clowns from the Trio George Alexison at the Circus Starr big top on Morecambe promenade. Picture Garth Hamer
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Letters from this week’s Visitor.

Roll up, roll up for comic turn

There were some interesting letters in The Visitor on February 11.

Michael Broome’s long list of faults about the Opus Frontierland development were quite right but it is difficult to turn down when someone is throwing £17million at you.

Another letter saying Morecambe is a rubbish town with nothing to do, to some extent, is quite right. It said we need a place where people of all ages can get involved.

I am sure an area on the Frontierland site could be utilised for functions instead of moving the stallholders out of Festival Market and could be used for travelling circuses, etc.

A disappointing letter was the one about the mass cutting down of trees and the wild life being disturbed. Well I can assure you all there is not a problem with the replanting of trees. You only have to look at the artist’s impression of the new Chatsworth Gardens in the West End of Morecambe ... Nottingham Forest comes to mind (the wildlife is already there).

But when we get a visit from David Cameron discussing our area and more importantly the new link road to the M6 we must be prepared with lots of new attractions to accommodate the sudden influx of new visitors.

Perhaps we might even get a new attractions sign post on the motorway instead of the lowly picture of a sandcastle we have at present.

Ray Edmondson

Address supplied

Privatisation was a dud

Reading The Visitor it appears that our MP believes in the ‘cherry-picking privatisation’ of public transport, ie: only in areas where it is profitable, and that the public sector should then throw dead money at the loss-making routes.

So he has organised a petition to prove it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the owners of bus companies pay themselves massive bonuses from their profits.

When you think about the energy companies (are they only partially privatised too?) privatisation becomes a dodgy word.

The rampant privatisation policies 
of the Tory Government 
of the 1980s said at the 
time that the main motivation for private ownership takeover from the public sector was not profit but cheaper and more efficient services for the people.


A Foxcroft

Sandylands Promenade


Swim has gone global

I was reading the paper and came across this small report about a lady from Morecambe (as originally reported in The Visitor).

“How dog ate charity swimmer’s clothes – A fundraiser’s pet labrador got carried away as she did a charity swim – and ate her clothes.

“Dawn Gillon took Tilly as company as she braved the freezing waters of Lake Windermere.

“But after Dawn emerged, the five-year-old former guide dog made off with her things. Dawn, of Morecambe, raised £200 for Galloway’s Society for the Blind from her New Year’s Day dip.”

She is famous now that her name is in the paper here in Victoria, Australia, and most likely in other cities here. She is also brave to take a swim in Lake Windermere, that water is cold at any time of the year. I wish her well.

Mr D Gardner

Pound Road

Hampton Park



More could be done

What has not been admitted by either the Government or the Environmental Agency about the floods around the country is their inability to effectively act properly to resolve the situation.

Like everything else in our country, we now have to obey the countless directives that are dictated from Brussels, in this case putting wild life ahead of dredging rivers to protect humanity.

In other areas, EU directives – such as open borders and the single market, with the free movement of people and goods within the member states – impact on immigration, our infrastructure and jobs.

This has not been helped by successive Labour and the Tory-led coalition government, which has continued to tinker with our education system leading to many school leavers without the skills needed to get on the jobs ladder.

The only way we are going to change things for the benefit of future generations is to stop voting for the very political parties who have caused and continue to be responsible for their problems.

Philip Griffiths

North West President

UK Independence Party

Riverway House


Will it suit people here?

It has been reported that a large ‘super hospital’ is to be built to serve the whole of Morecambe Bay (‘Super hospital’ plan revealed). Sounds good doesn’t it?

But where would such a hospital be located? Well, Kendal is the mid-point (sort of) between Lancaster and Barrow so it could be argued that’s where it should go.

I believe we need good quality hospitals in Lancaster, Barrow and Kendal that are able to provide a comprehensive range of services. Yes, some specialisms can be better delivered when centralised, as Blackpool does for heart surgery. But most people want to go to their local hospital for routine treatments/surgery. They don’t want to be bundled into an ambulance for a lengthy journey to a distant A&E if they have an accident.

Also, we need to ask that once patients are in this ‘super hospital’ will relations be easily able to make a long trek on a reducing public transport system to visit them?

I don’t think the residents of Lancaster, Morecambe and district would want to lose the services currently provided by our RLI.

I wonder if this scheme will be used as an excuse to downgrade our hospital services, for our A&E to become a minor injuries clinic, to close our intensive care facility and to lose our maternity unit?

Last March I and others presented a petition containing nearly 6,000 signatures to the chair of the Morecambe Bay NHS Trust calling on our RLI services to be maintained.

If we end up losing our local services this ‘super hospital’ won’t sound so super to me.

Colin Hartley

Scotforth West


History is lost again

Well, now – one more act of vandalism has been carried out by whomsoever made the decision to do away with yet another neglected property with historical connections, soon to be replaced by some ghastly little shoe boxes.

One hopes they will not be as offensive to the eye as other recently built properties in Lancaster and surrounding villages.

RIP Moor Platt, Caton, one time home of the famous Jowett car family. Shame.

S Potter