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By signing a deal with China, Morecambe FC have, in a stroke, potentially done more for our economy than LCC have done in decades, well done indeed.

The Chinese economy now rules, we should be marketing the area over there big style, perhaps something could be arranged with future visits.

It should not stop there, though, we live in a world class area yet LCC seem incapable of promoting ‘city, coast and countryside’ as a unique package. So, aided by a consultant from outside the area, paid a five-figure sum, they have decided to split everything up.

Can you imagine York or Chester doing such a thing if they had two world class national parks, an internationally important bay and the makings of an upmarket, cosmopolitan seaside resort on the doorstep of a beautiful and historically very important city? I don’t think so.

This brings me to the next point, Frontierland versus Canal Corridor development. Had we not been let down in Morecambe so catastrophically badly by LCC over the past four decades, we would not be quite so desperate for, well, just anything.

If things were going well here, if we had investment and some reasons for people to come and spend their money, ie: some proper leisure and entertainment attractions, I doubt very much that everyone would be clamouring for another retail park. Frontierland should, overwhelmingly, be ring-fenced for leisure.

The West End should be developed for work opportunities and we should have one shopping area, not three. The Arndale desperately needs attention, maybe start by clearing out the absolute tat stalls which drag the place down immeasurably.

For any of this to happen we need to have a complete and radical shake-up of thinking, not just keep sticking a plaster over a gaping wound in the futile hope it will get better.

We know only too well from the Morecambe Area (in)Action Plan that LCC are devoid of any useful ambition for Morecambe, yet Morecambe is worth over 40 per cent more to the area’s economy than Lancaster according to their own reports.

We can continue to be led meekly and mildly by the nose by LCC and become one big social housing estate, or we can challenge them, hard, and force the changes that need to be made here to have a coherent, effective and viable visitor offering.

Ian Hughes


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