Bay walk lifts a visitor’s spirits

The cross bay walk setting off from Hest Bank at the weekend.
The cross bay walk setting off from Hest Bank at the weekend.

I recently visited Morecambe for the first time in some years to take part in a guided walk from Hest Bank to Grange.

An amazing experience, I think I’ve wasted too many years getting to 53 before doing it once.

I felt really upbeat about how beautiful the bay was and the nature in front of you.

My maternal family, the Valentines, from Chorlton-on-Medlock in Manchester, stayed at a boarding house in Cedar Street for decades dating back to the ’20s.

I caught the final years of this in the first half of the 70s. In fact I still exchange a Christmas card with the grandson of the proprietors, Mr and Mrs Greenwood.

I have memories of seeing Jeremy Thorpe entering the Midland Hotel on the station side. He was conducting an election campaign by helicopter in 1974 and was only a short time away from becoming outcast by society.

Then the long, hot summer of ’76 and the fairground belting out Abba’s Dancing Queen seemingly every 45 minutes.

I’ve a friend in Manchester who was the lead guitarist of a band called The Firing Squad. They had a minor chart hit with Hey Bull Moose and once supported The Dave Clark Five and The Four Pennies at The Winter Gardens. This would be around 64/5. Maybe some of your readers were there?

I stayed at a seafront hotel not too far from Cedar Street. I found the staff to be so welcoming, natural, and friendly, with time to listen, engage in chat, and provide a first class service.

Morecambe is not missing anything when it comes to a lack of amusement arcades, neon lights and a drinking culture.

It needs to provide an alternative to all that and emphasise just how stunningly attractive are its views, and beneficial to health is a long walk around the bay.

The bird life is fascinating, I’ll bet there’s some superb fishing if you are in the know. Thank you Morecambe, it won’t be so long ever again, I’ll walk that bay as long as my legs last now.

Roger Edmunds


Manchester (Lancashire still)