Woman jailed for theft of bag

Alice Turner.
Alice Turner.

A woman has been sent to prison for stealing a handbag from a pensioner .

Vicky Elizabeth McQuaid was jailed for 14 weeks for stealing the bag and £600 cash from Alice Turner.

Mrs Turner was sitting in a car on Nelson Street in Morecambe on November 11 2013 when McQuaid opened the door and asked her for the time.

McQuaid, 29, then reached in and stole the bag off the front car seat.

McQuaid, of Oxcliffe Road, Heaton-with-Oxcliffe, was already subject to a suspended sentence for three other thefts in 2013.

In a separate incident just over a month later, Mrs Turner was the victim of a robbery in her home on Christie Avenue on December 20 2013.

Two men forced their way in and tied Mrs Turner, 73, to her stairlift.

They threatened to cut her finger off and also stole her new handbag, with it a precious photograph of her late husband Albert.

She chewed through three layers of duct tape to raise the alarm.

Police are still investigating.