Wasp nest horror for pensioner

The wasps had built their nest behind a light switch.
The wasps had built their nest behind a light switch.
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An elderly woman was sharing her bedroom with a nest full of wasps – which were living behind a light switch.

The discovery was made after Duncan Penny’s mother heard buzzing sounds coming from a light switch and alerted her son.

Duncan, who lives in Carnforth near his housebound mother, said: “I was sittin g having a talk with her and she said ‘there’s a funny noise in the bedroom light switch.’

“I could hear a sound like people talking but I couldn’t work it out.

“I put my ear to the wall and I could hear wasp activity in the wall.

“I took the cover off the light switch but I banged it back on as soon as a I saw the wasps, which were even in the back of the workings of the light switch.

“There had been the odd wasp in the house but when my mum said she had had 20 wasps that day it was time to ring the council and see if they could sort it out.

“I couldn’t see where they were getting in.

“They may have been getting in through the external wall and then into the cavity.

“The nest certainly sounded quite significant.

“The pest control department gave an excellent service because I called at 4pm that day and the chap was there at 10 o’clock the next morning.

“He injected something into the wall and cleaned out the back box of the light switch which was packed with wasps.

“Two days later the wasps were eradicated.

“I know the council are cash strapped bu they delivered an excellent service.

“I was surprised when I saw the picture of the nest and saw how big it was.”