VIDEO: Morecambe’s miniature Downton Abbey doll house

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The latest Downton Abbey storyline is coming soon to a living room near you – Fiona Gordon’s to be exact.

The 50-year-old, of Fairbank Grove in Morecambe, has created a doll’s house version of ITV’s Downton Abbey, complete with a tiny cast of characters - some from the series and some new additions.

Fiona, a senior sales assistant at Greggs in Morecambe’s Arndale Centre,has been fascinated with the world of miniature from an early age.

She has taken her love of crafts to the extreme by thinking of every nook and cranny that would be fit for a Victorian house.

Each room has been decorated with hand-made fabrics and ornaments from Pinocchio’s Toys in Morecambe, right down to the soil in the plant-pots, which has been made from dry tea bags.

Fiona’s love of Downton Abbey has helped her lay out the rooms and dolls. In total, the masterpiece has taken 18 months to complete.

She said: “It’s a bit sad really, the doll upstairs she’s called Lady Grantham, then Thomas the butler, Victoria as well.

“We made up this story, which is why I have these people in these certain rooms.

“Unfortunately Lord Grantham died, so to help her out, Victoria came to stay to help with child care.

Thomas and his wife, Beth the cook, help her out as well – that’s why she is sat there looking so glum. She didn’t want to part with any of Lord Grantham’s things, which is where the chest comes into it.

“Inside it’s got all his personal possessions in, like a cut-throat razor, gloves, and watch. Now that does get me weird looks. I just wanted to make it more real and it’s easier to explain it that way to the grandchildren.”

Fiona is a regular customer at Pinocchio’s Toys, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

It all started when husband, Derek Gordon, 50, bought Fiona the base for a doll’s house with a garden feature.

Fiona said: “It only actually came about when my husband bought me the blank canvas as a present. He has never thought it was weird because we share a common interest.”

She said: “When you say to somebody, oh my doll’s house, it’s like a doll’s house that you play with and it’s not the same. I’m not some weird grown-up who wants to be a young girl.

“Everything I’ve made is quite sentimental – I just 
love it.”

Series five of Downton Abbey will air in late September.




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