VIDEO: Memories of a Winter Gardens worker

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Barbara Mann worked at Morecambe Winter Gardens on its very last day as a working theatre in 1977.

Her memories have been included in a new stage performance called ‘Sea Breeze’.

Artists Elizabeth Willow and Jonathan Raisin with Barbara Mann (centre).

Artists Elizabeth Willow and Jonathan Raisin with Barbara Mann (centre).

‘Sea Breeze’, part of the Morecambe Seaside Festival, will pay tribute to the unsung heroes who made the Winter Gardens tick.

The show by artists Jonathan Raisin and Elizabeth Willow will include music, poetry, film and audio.

It will be shown inside the Winter Gardens itself on Saturday, August 31 and Sunday, September 1.

In our exclusive video, Barbara recalls her time as an office worker at the grand old theatre.

She tells Jonathan a story about when a colleague tried to give Morecambe and Wise their wages and things didn’t quite go to plan!

Incidentally, see if you can spot the Coronation Street TV star who makes an accidental cameo appearance in the background.

Nothing to do with the show, this gentleman just happened to pop in to visit the Winter Gardens while we were filming.

More on both stories in next week’s Visitor...