TV's Most Haunted crew hunt Gardens spooks

THERE could be few more apt venues for the filming of hit TV show 'Most Haunted: Eight Faces of Evil' than Morecambe's eerily atmospheric Winter Gardens.

For the past few days, the 'Living' channel has been filming its hugely popular live show inside the Victorian edifice and on location around the district.

Hundreds of fans of the show have been piling into the Victorian theatre, which closed in 1977.

Morecambe has been thrown into the national spotlight as the presenters Paul Ross (brother of Jonathan Ross) and Yvette Fielding (ex Blue Peter) have pronounced the old building: 'The most haunted theatre in

Britain'. The town's hotels and B&Bs are enjoying an increase in trade as people have travelled from all over Britain to be in the audience.

And the show will continue to be filmed from the Winter Gardens in the run-up to Living TV's Halloween special.

What the filming has shown so far is the huge potential of the Winter Gardens as a venue.

Producing the show has been an epic task for the production company. A monumental lighting rig has been built in the stalls, a catwalk-like stage has been erected, an army of security guards have been employed and an enormous crane with a camera attached to it swoops over the audience and all the way up towards 'the gods'.

At the theatre on Monday night, Yvette implored 'spirits' to make themselves known through a Ouija board and other means.

Dressed in a Harry Potter-esque outfit and joined by an assortment of colourful characters, Yvette also went out on location at The Alhambra building in Morecambe's West End which houses an antiques centre and The Carleton nightclub.

Paul Ross described Morecambe as "lovely" and said the theatre was "a mad old place", adding: "It's a shame they never use it."

So did they find any spirits? That's debatable, but they did claim to hear from a spirit called 'Jack' and two of Yvette's colleagues came a cropper in the cellar of The Alhambra thanks to a 'poltergeist'. Evelyn Archer, chair of the Friends of the Winter Gardens, told The Visitor: "All the production staff were saying the Winter Gardens was one of the best venues they've ever been to.

"Everything we want to do with the theatre, the TV people have set up.

"It makes me wonder why this can't be done at the Winter Gardens more often."

Most Haunted Live from the Winter Gardens continues every night on Living TV at 8pm until Saturday.