Town Crier: We need a brand new image to survive

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We can be as insulted as we like by the results of the survey into what people think of Morecambe – but we’re not sexy and we know it.

Yes, we have the main ingredients of a success story in our lovely seaside town, but we absolutely do not have the image to go with it.

Seaside towns like Morecambe have a huge battle on their hands– but transformation is absolutely possible as proven by the Bournemouths and Brightons of this world.

Here in Morecambe we actually have more natural advantages than either of those – they have the seaside and we have the seaside. But we have the glorious Bay and the astonishing views across to the Lake District.

So why not shout about it and take the town into an new era? We all know Morecambe needs a a lot of work, but change is in the air – the signs of economic recovery are very slowly showing themselves .

This is not about detaching from Morecambe the town but about dressing ourselves in a new outfit and reaping the benefits of a makeover – giving ourselves a chance.

It’s a gamble, yes, and bound to be a controversial one at that, but at least this has been done properly with a huge survey to find out what people really think, not what they should. At least the debate is on the table – let us know what you think.