Town Crier: From mini endeavour to huge mission

Doll house fanatic Fiona Gordon with her creations at her 'proper' house in Morecambe
Doll house fanatic Fiona Gordon with her creations at her 'proper' house in Morecambe
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It is that time of year when we have to face reality – summer is waving a final farewell. With the August bank holiday well and truly over, it is almost time to retire the festival wellies (except for the Vintage Festival, obviously..) and get used to switching on the telly. The good news is that a new series of ITV’s Downton Abbey is on the way – the next best news is that one Morecambe woman has taken her passion from the series as far as to construct a truly impressive mini-Downton dolls house, complete with tiny characters and its own storyline. The level of attention to detail required for this project is not to be under estimated. Very impressive indeed. (Page 13)

It takes a great deal of courage and generosity in spirit to travel to a foreign land to treat those who aresick and in need. Even more terrifying when they are battling a disease which is creating a ripple of terror across the world – Ebola. But that is exactly what infectious diseases specialist Rebecca Stretch, from Carnforth, is doing. By the time you read this, she will have flown to Sierra Leone to work with victims of the deadly condition – training and advising those in hospitals and treatments centres in how to manage and cope with this humanitarian crisis. She likens the trip to that of a footballer being called up for the England squad. We wish her good luck.( Page 5)