Town Crier: Depraved behaviour must be stamped out

Hillcroft Nursing Home, Throstle Grove, Slyne wth Hest.
Hillcroft Nursing Home, Throstle Grove, Slyne wth Hest.

The depraved behaviour of four care workers who tormented elderly dementia patients at the Hillcroft nursing home is beyond belief.

Anyone who has an elderly relative or who has had personal experience of dementia will be shocked to the core by the bullying that took place at the home.

In fact, anybody with even the tiniest feeling for the rest of humanity will be disgusted.

My colleagues in the Visitor office have experienced a sense of outrage at the abuse of some of our area’s most vulnerable residents.

And as someone who has lost four beloved grandparents, it is almost impossible to comprehend how anybody could assault an elderly person. It brings tears to the eyes and engenders feelings of rage.

The workers were trusted to provide a high level of care and yet they deliberately abused their patients.

What is equally shocking is that initial attempts to blow the whistle on the abusive behaviour were thwarted and problems were covered up. If action had been taken sooner the patients could have been protected from further abuse. Thankfully some caring individuals decided to speak out and halted the workers’ sick behaviour.

The relevant authorities must take responsibility for this scandal and make sure it never happens again.

Ingrid Kent, news editor