Soldier’s walk from Blackpool Tower in tribute to Morecambe family

Terry Dignam with his wife Edith and granddaughter Naomi in 2008.

Terry Dignam with his wife Edith and granddaughter Naomi in 2008.

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Sgt Major Craig Dignam will walk from Blackpool Tower to St John’s Hospice this Saturday – a challenge he says is small compared to those faced by hospice staff every day.

Craig’s beloved dad and nan were cared for at the Lancaster hospice during the final days of their lives.

His father Terry Dignam, who died in June 2010 after a battle with oesophagus cancer, and grandmother Hazel Cresswell, who passed away in April 2006, were two of the most special people in

Craig’s life.

His 20 mile walk, to raise money for St John’s, will pay tribute to his family and thank the hospice for their support.

“The staff there made them feel so wanted and loved, and it gave us all a sense of reassurance they were in the right place,” he said.

“My dad was the most amazing man in my life. He never judged anyone.

”He loved living in Morecambe and especially enjoyed the views from his window looking at the sea.

“Nan was the most loving, caring and gracious woman I have ever known, when I was growing up as a small child she was my life.

“She settled in Morecambe to be close to my mum Edith and dad.

“The walk will be a challenge, however it is small compared to the challenges the hospice staff face on a day to day basis, giving vital care and support to both patients and their families.”

In his working life Craig trains young soldiers to become officers at Bristol University Officer Training Corps.

Go to Craig’s page HERE to sponsor him.