Shrimps board changes

Graham Hodgson and Rod Taylor.
Graham Hodgson and Rod Taylor.
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Morecambe fans are concerned for the future direction of their club following a major shake-up of the Shrimps’ board.

Vice chairman Graham Hodgson, a director of the club for 22 years, has resigned saying he is “not entirely comfortable with how the company is being managed”.

Chief executive of 13 years Rod Taylor has also relinquished his role but will stay on as a director.

The moves come just three weeks after director Stephen Wright resigned.

Long-serving club secretary Neil Marsdin is also set to leave the Shrimps at the end of the season.

Pat Stoyles, chair of the Fans Club of Morecambe, said: “It’s very scary to be honest.

“I don’t see how it can be for the best of the club.

“It’s the final step from being a community club run by people who love the club to being a full-time business.

“I’ve got to say though that (chairman) Peter McGuigan has done a great job and never let us down and you have to give him great credit for that.”

Mr McGuigan, who has always maintained the business side was vital for the future of the Shrimps, said the club hadn’t lost its community feel.

He said: “I think losing one member from the board doesn’t mean you’ve lost your personal touch and I think that we do have a good personal touch.

“Rod Taylor who remains on the board has got the best personal touch and there’s others like Peter Cross, Mark Mace and Dave Robinson.

“Having said that, we know we can always improve.”

In his resignation statement, Mr Hodgson said: “Unfortunately, at the present time, I am not entirely comfortable with how the company is being managed and for this reason I have tendered my resignation.

“I will continue to support Morecambe Football Club as a sponsor and I hope it will continue the steady progression that has been its hallmark over the last 20 years.”

Former chairman Mr Taylor said: “The complexion of the football club has changed over the past four years with executive directors being employed and I have felt that the title of CEO has been a misnomer for quite some time now.

“The title of CEO is appropriate for someone who is shaping the way the company operates on a day-to-day basis and under the changed regime I have not been able to perform that function for a number of years.”

Mr McGuigan thanked his former vice-chairman and chief executive for their contribution to the club.

He said it was unlikely a new vice-chairman or chief executive would be appointed.