Polo no-no

MORECAMBE councillor says we should boycott mints if our shabby Polo Tower isn't improved.

A MORECAMBE councillor will call on locals to boycott Polo mints unless the ugly seafront Polo Tower is improved or removed.

The rotting structure is a throwback to the former Frontierland attraction but now stands a monument to Morecambe's decline.

And the town's former Tourism Officer, now a councillor, Ron Sands has had enough.

At the recent meeting of Lancaster City Council councillors discussed the control of telecommunications masts.

During the debate Coun Sands claimed that Morecambe had the most unusual phone mast in England and to his knowledge the only one that resembled a gigantic tube of Polo mints. The design was part of a sponsorship deal with Frontierland theme park owners, Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


Coun Sands said: "When the tower was originally built over 15 years ago its main function was to serve as a vertical fairground ride with a revolving observation car that took visitors up from sea level to the top of the 120 foot high structure, affording extensive views of the surrounding area.

"Since the closure of the Frontierland wild west-style theme park several years ago we have been repeatedly told that the redundant tower cannot be demolished because of a contract between the owners of the structure and a mobile phone company who have erected a phone mast on the top of the tower."


But since the park closed the tower has been left to rot.

He said "The tower is neither a credit to Morecambe's spectacular seafront promenade nor to the nation's favourite mint.

"I shall be writing to the Chairman of Nestle, the makers of Polos, to request that they use their influence to ensure the tower that bears their name is either given a much-needed fresh coat of green and white paint, or is speedily demolished.

"We have waited for too many years for action on this matter.

"If nothing is done I shall call on Morecambrians everywhere to boycott Polo mints in protest at this unacceptable blot on our seaside landscape."