Natural ways you can improve your eczema

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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I am going to start looking at natural ways to improve skin complaints, talking first about eczema. Characterised by dryness, inflammation and itching, eczema is often further aggravated by the itching it causes.

We find that topical treatments are not always appropriate, especially if there is a large percentage of the body that is affected, so tend to suggest treating the problem internally.

When trying to decide the best natural remedies to suggest for people we will always ask the following questions:

Is it dry – dry skin will aggravate the itch and therefore increase the need to scratch which will encourage redness and further inflammation.

If your skin tends to be very dry we tend to suggest trying the following remedies first.

Essential fatty acids, oils which hydrate the skin and prevent the dryness that leaves skin feeling flaky and itchy. We tend to suggest Nature’s Aid Complete EFA, as this contains the perfect balance of all the oils the body needs.

Selenium, zinc, A, C and E – together in a single formula these nutrients act to convert short chain fatty acids to the usable long chain fatty acids from EFA. You may find this complex particularly helpful if your already eat lots of oils and oily fish yet still experience dryness in your skin condition.

Is it red – redness indicates inflammation which may look unsightly, feel sore and hot and even slow down the healing process. Dealing with the inflammation can quickly soothe and accelerate the healing of the skin.

In this case, we suggest Celadrin – an anti-inflammatory oil that is excellent for both inflammation of the joints and inflammation in the skin. If inflammation and redness is your primary concern then Celadrin may well be of help. If this is the right remedy, you could see benefits within the first bottle. Is it atopic/allergic – some people have atopic eczema. This means an allergic eczema and also contact dermatitis.

If this is the problem you may be hypersensitive. This is also likely the case if eczema was present from a young age, or if you have ever also suffered with asthma or hay fever.

In these cases, treat your condition by reducing this hypersensitivity. The natural remedies which could help with this include Nettle Tincture – a natural anti-histamine and cleanser, nettle has a particular affiliation to the skin and can help to reduce the allergic response.

Probiotics – there is a prominent link between the gut flora, the flora upon the skin and the way your immune system responds to external stimuli. If you find that you are prone to allergic conditions, a regular probiotic can be a long term solution in reducing this over active immune response.