Morecambe rebranding not rocket science

Morecambe Bay.
Morecambe Bay.
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Market research on Morecambe and Lancaster has come under fire from Visitor readers after its £15k cost was revealed.

Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City Council each paid experts £7,500 to help them promote our district to the outside world.

Consultants concluded that Morecambe should be rebranded as part of a wider ‘Morecambe Bay’ and we should shout about its natural assets, while Lancaster should be marketed separately around its culture and heritage.

But Ian Hughes, Morecambe campaigner and businessman, said the findings weren’t exactly “rocket science”.

“Why has it taken so many people so long and cost so much for this incredible revelation to come out?” said Mr Hughes.

“Don’t we pay professional officers to spot things like this?

“I’ve personally been telling them this for seven years. We’ve wasted years waiting for this particular light coming on at the Town Hall”.

Readers on The Visitor website agreed.

Sandgrown’un12 wrote: “This is a new idea I think not.

“How much did this brain wave cost? Ever since Morecambe came under the Lancaster umbrella mostly all the focus and the vast majority of a dwindling budget has been targeted at Lancaster trying to develop it as a historic city at the expense of Morecambe.”

The Lone Gunman wrote. “A new idea? ‘Beauty surrounds, health abounds’ must have been about something else then, eh?”

A spokeswoman for the city council said: “This has been a vitally important exercise to help to develop strong, individual identities for Lancaster and Morecambe that will enable them to compete for visitors and investment with other similar areas.

“The process has provided us with a strong platform on which we can collectively move forward to deliver a strong brand for Lancaster and Morecambe Bay. The economic benefits of this work will far outweigh the initial cost.”