Mick Dennison column: Warm up in the pub on cold winter nights

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Whilst reading the Publican Morning Advertiser, the licence trade magazine this week I was drawn to an article that reported on a government consultation exercise to abolish the personal alcohol licence.

The law was changed in the early 2000s meaning that a landlord had to sit an exam in order to qualify for one of the new licences which basically made him or her an unpaid member of the constabulary. The whole of the licence puts the onus on the holder to uphold and maintain appropriate safeguards against crime and disorder.

The consultation will look at ways of bringing all licencing matters under the umbrella of the premiss licence.

It all stems from the fact that one licence doesn’t always fit the purpose of every pub - we all run different establishments. I’m sure though, all publicans will wait with bated breath as to the consequences of any change, given the fact we are all bombarded by training providers on a daily basis all offering Personal Licence courses for our staff. Can financially hard hit publicans take another hit to their wallets?

It seemed this Sunday just gone that winter is just around the corner as we all had to batten down the hatches against the gale force winds and rain. Who would be a publican with a general public who look out of the window, crank up the heating and then watch the recording of X Factor?

During the months running up to Christmas pubs will have to work hard to bring in the Morecambe public. Now when I say pubs I don’t mean all the swish eateries that unfortunately we have too many of in the area. No, it’s the struggling locals that all need an injection of custom to prevent any more from closing in the coming months.

Although not closed, the Smugglers recently lost its landlord. Geographically they were too close to certain town pubs who are nothing but cheap retail outlets, blowing opposition out of the market.

They just found it hard to compete on a level playing field.

Don’t let that happen to your local. Put on a coat brave the weather (although we are not living in Siberia) and give your local a visit.