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Mick Dennison.
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After reading last week’s column from Ingrid Kent I felt I had to put my spin on her headline – “Art of communication now dead in pubs”.

It’s quite obvious she doesn’t drink in the York.

To begin with I have got to say that there are not swathes of pubs closed down and boarded up in Morecambe, thus bucking this national trend.

It seems to me that when a Wetherspoon’s opens in a town the traditional pubs die.

Most in the town centre have managed to keep themselves afloat despite the national conglomerates discounted beer prices and cheap aircraft style food.

Ingrid was indeed very lucky to grow up in Edinburgh, it’s a bustling tourist destination and university town.

The venues in Scotland’s capital city are still a mecca for serious pub goers and of course there is plenty of money around.

Looking at Morecambe this weekend you would have thought aliens had landed and abducted most of the town’s population – at times it was pretty dead, especially Sunday.

Hang on a minute, it was the last weekend of the month and of course with very few job prospects in this town there isn’t the money for people to fritter it away in the pubs.

However, get four or five Morecambe folk in a bar, add a few visiting people into the equation and finally a landlord with the newspaper open on the bar and I can promise a heated debate about something.

So come on Ingrid, try a drink in Morecambe’s pubs instead of waxing lyrical about bars we’ll never go and drink in.

One night Ingrid would enjoy I’m sure would be the traditional pub Quiz Night.

There is a newspaper series in there somewhere as I know she did Ladies who Lunch/Drink Coffee/Take tea/ etc so maybe she could write Reporters who Quiz.

I throw down the gauntlet to Ingrid. Come along to the York Quiz Night on a Thursday and try to emulate her esteemed colleague Greg Lambert who brought his team along and won! But remember one thing – “My gaff, my rules”.