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Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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It was good to see Morecambe buzzing last weekend with a great throw back, originally from the seventies; and one that brought custom and life into the town – a Scooter Weekend.

Personally, I left Morecambe before I was old enough to have a licence for a scooter but I did enjoy the fashion and the music scene of the day. Life was good and Morecambe was a great place to be.

Unfortunately, now, we have a town that is frantically trying to find a new identity for itself but is held back on two fronts.

Firstly, we have a City Council that has forgotten where Morecambe is. Secondly, we have a social underclass that is intent in ruining what should be a buoyant night-time economy by thinking they can do what they want, when they want and to be honest don’t even have any fear of the system or the police.

The scooter enthusiasts that I met over the weekend were all decent folk from the North of England and Scotland who were complimentary about the main venues they attended but were derogatory about the rest of the town.

They always say the best judges of a town are the outsiders – sadly, we are not too high in the pecking order and from their point of view, we as a town need to up the ante.

As long as there is petty mindedness and short sightedness in local politics, we will not have a thriving town. In addition, if we continue to have local night-time venues who insist in serving the people who are miscreants of our Pubwatch system; not even the locals will venture out.

I have collaborated with Steve Middlesbrough this Friday to put on a night of 70’s music. Those of a certain age will remember those halcyon days forty odd years ago when we lived in a town with real life, when we had venues like Dixieland, Central Pier, Broadway and the Inn on the Bay. Days when you struggled to walk down the pavements on the prom. I say it now and have said it before – councillors, get out, visit the venues, and see how our town enjoys itself – properly.