Man attacks Morecambe family home with samurai sword

Helen Day outside her front door.
Helen Day outside her front door.

A family feared for their lives as a man wielding a samurai sword attacked their home by mistake.

The swordman slashed a gaping hole in the front door as mum Helen Day and her two daughters cowered inside their terraced house on Cross Street.

It is believed the attacker had got the wrong address.

“I was here with my two grown-up daughters and was about to take one of them home,” said Helen.

“I was expecting my partner home any minute.

“Then there was a big crash at the front door.

“I looked out of the front window and saw a young lad there. I thought he was going to hit the door again.

“My daughter told me not to go to the door and called the police.

“He didn’t come into the house but he could have done, because the door was unlocked.

“It was frightening enough but I would have been even more terrified if I’d realised he had a sword.

“It was all over in 10 minutes.

“My partner pulled up in his car and the man had scarpered and left the sword lying outside the house.

“That’s when it sunk in what could have happened.

“He slashed through it with such force the plastic went all the way up the stairs.”

Helen, who works in administration at B&Q, now has a wooden chipboard where her front door used to be.

“We’re going to have to get a new door now, it will cost us about £1,000.

“I’ve lived in this house for 28 years and have never felt unsafe.

“It’s definitely sobering but I’m one of those people I don’t let things like this put me off, I’ll just get on with it and put it behind me.”

A man has been arrested and charged with three counts of possession of an offensive weapon, criminal damage and using threatening behaviour.