VIDEO: Our Greg gets slammed by British wrestling champion in ring mismatch

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It was hyped up as the fight of the century. But in the end, The Visitor content editor Greg Lambert was all mouth and little action.

Our Greg took part in a wrestling match at the Globe Arena on Sunday against tanned, muscular and popular British Champion, Joey Hayes.

In contrast, gangly, unfit Greg, whose wrestling name is ‘The Truth’, was booed by around 200 grapple fans at the home of Morecambe Football Club, as he entered the ring wearing camouflage gear, whilst shadow boxing and trying to look mean.

But when Joey got his hands on Lambert, it was no contest.

A back crunching body slam and sleeper hold had Greg, 42, in trouble, and he was only saved from certain doom by fellow wrestling ‘bad guy’ Craig Kollins who attacked Hayes’ knee bringing the bout to a halt.

Kollins, known as ‘The One Man Riot’, then unfairly challenged Joey to a title match despite him being injured, quickly defeating Hayes by submission...the fiend!

The official result of Greg’s match was: Joey Hayes beat Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert by disqualification.

So while our man managed to walk away unscathed, this might be the first, and last time we ever see Lambert in a wrestling match!

In other results at the PAID Promotions Wrestling show at The Globe, The Creeper beat ‘Psychotic Warrior’ Johnny Phere in a Last Man Standing match and Bubblegum defeated ‘Delicious’ Danny Hope.




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