VIDEO: Chancellor visits businesses in Morecambe and Lancaster

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Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne visited businesses as part of a tour of Morecambe and Lancaster.

Mr Osborne chatted to business owners on Princes Crescent in Bare including owner of Abi’s Arrangements, Abigail Dakin, and staff at Catherine’s on the Crescent.

He also visited GF Property Sales, owned by Gerry Farrell, before travelling to Lancaster Brewery for a tour.

Mr Osborne said: “We are just coming out of a really big economic recession, the biggest for many years in the UK. The UK got poorer but people are getting work and families are being given more economic security.

“Thousands of jobs are being created across the North West and the UK. There is probably a disparity in our country, but let’s not put all our bets in the City of London.

“The Government has huge sympathy for the people affected by the high winds and huge praise for the emergency services.

“People, business owners and farmers are going to be helped to recover from this exceptional weather.

“Lancashire is really important to the country and both David Cameron and I, and we want to do more to create jobs and aid recovery.”




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