SLIDESHOW: Chancellor means business on whistle stop tour of firms and shops in town

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Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne visited businesses as part of a tour of Morecambe and Lancaster.

The visit started at local engineering firm DST on White Lund then Mr Osborne chatted to business owners on Princes Crescent in Bare including owner of Abi’s Arrangements, Abigail Dakin, and staff at Catherine’s on the Crescent.

Mr Osborne then travelled to Lancaster Brewery for a tour.

The Chancellor said: “I’ve just been to a manufacturing business DST they’re taking new people on and then if you go to shops whether it’s the flower shop or the café, people are a bit more optimistic about the economy and that’s evidence that not only is the long term economic plan working for our country, but, here in Morecambe things like the Heysham bypass which David Morris campaigned for and delivered is going to really help.

“Thousands of jobs are being created across the North West and the UK.

“There is probably a disparity in our country, but let’s not put all our bets in the City of London.

“Lancashire is really important to the country and both David Cameron and I, and we want to do more to create jobs and aid recovery.”

“We are coming out of a really big economic recession, the biggest for years, and the UK got poorer.

“We’re working nationally and locally to create jobs in this area and bring economic security to this area.”

“There is huge sympathy for the people affected by the high winds and a huge amount of praise for the emergency services. The repair job now starts. People, business owners and farmers are going to be helped to recover.”

David Morris MP said: “I was pleased to welcome the Chancellor, DST is a fantastic local business exporting specialist products worldwide and Princes Crescent is an ideal high street with lots of specialist shops and places to eat. Abi is a young lady who has set up a really excellent business. Catherine’s café in particular will benefit from the Chancellor’s £2000 employment allowance.”




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