Red light runners risk lives

One of the Moxy earth mover's at the Kellet Lane road junction.

One of the Moxy earth mover's at the Kellet Lane road junction.

Drivers are risking their lives by jumping red lights in a bid to beat heavy diggers.

Signs erected by Costain, Heysham M6 link builders, on Kellet Lane warning of the risks drivers face by running the red lights, and even a crushed car, have failed to deter the reckless motorists.

Between August 5 and 8, 80 drivers have jumped red lights trying to beat the Moxy earth movers constantly moving soil.

The site haul road crosses Kellet Lane.

In order to keep the road open to traffic, manual traffic light controls are needed to aid plant crossings.

Costain Project Manager, Andrew Langley said: “We urge drivers to adhere to the traffic light instruction, people are gambling with the safety of themselves, their passengers and our workforce.”

A video has been produced by Costain in partnership with earthworks contractor Walters UK showing how easily a car can be crushed when it gets in the way of a Moxy, even at slow speed.

Visit www.dropbox.com/s/g5nbz76u1yhxe35/Car%20Trashing_v4.mp4 to view the video.

This section of Kellet Lane will close for 12 months in September once Halton Road is fully open.




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