Morecambe Carnival is here to stay

David Brayshaw.

David Brayshaw.

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The man who is becoming known as ‘Mr Carnival’ has confirmed the event will return next year.

Morecambe businessman David Brayshaw, chair of the carnival committee, said he was delighted at the success of the spectacular extravaganza, which made its return for the first time since 2001.

“If you’d asked me will it return a couple of hours ago when I was in the middle of a crowd of thousands of people trying to get the parade through, I might have given you a different answer!” said Mr Brayshaw during Sunday’s Carnival.

“But now I’m saying yes, it will return next year.

“How we’re going to top this I don’t know. We estimate there’s been 30,000 people on the prom today.

“The weather has been kind enough and there’s been so many people who have come from out of town.”

Mr Brayshaw also felt that some members of Morecambe Town Council may have “egg on their face” after the success of the event.

The carnival committee asked the town council for a grant of £7,000 towards the festivities but were only offered £1,500. The committee turned this sum down and chose to go it alone without council support.

“I’m absolutely certain that certain people on Morecambe Town Council will be realising that they have made a mistake,” he said.

“Anything that brings these sort of numbers into Morecambe should be supported.

“I have to say though, that some councillors have supported the event and put floats in.”

Councillor David Whittaker, a town councillor who was at the carnival, said: “It’s uplifting to see the promenade packed even in this sort of weather.

“This Carnival will grow bigger and bigger year by year, and think what can be achieved next year.

“It is essential that this kind of event is supported by the town council despite the financial restrictions we have, although I also think businesses should put their hands in their pockets.”

Mr Brayshaw, who runs Aqua Engineering on White Lund with his wife Carla, also praised Bill Johnston and his team from The Bay radio who operated the live music stage during the day.

“Without The Bay there would have been no Carnival,” he said.

“The Bay will be supporting us again next year when we will be attempting to break a world record. There’s a teaser for you!”

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