Local businesses deserve pat on back

David Morris
David Morris

I was pleased to have been invited to DST’s anniversary celebrations last week. DST is a local family run business based on White Lund which exports all over the world including China and Dubai.

DST is a significant employer in the local community. I was pleased to celebrate their success. I also had an opportunity to mention DST at Prime Minister’s question time recently. I do think it is important to thank our local businesses especially as we heard again last week that yet again the number of people unemployed in Morecambe and Lunesdale has reduced.

As I mentioned, the latest unemployment figures have been published. The number of claimants is 294 lower than in October 2012 and 82 lower than in September 2013.

I like to visit local businesses so please contact my office if you’d like me to visit your business.

You may recall that I campaigned with local residents in Heysham to have some safety lights installed outside St Peter’s School in Heysham. I took the campaign to the House of Commons at Prime Minister’s Questions and I am pleased to say the campaign has had a positive result. The lights have now been installed. I would like to thank the Prime Minister for his help and well done to the residents who ran an excellent campaign.

James Wharton’s EU Referendum Bill will be back in the House of Commons on Friday. I will be attending the debates and if the Bill passes the Parliamentary process, which I hope it does, it will give us a referendum. We will all have the option to say if we would or would not like to be in Europe. I have been working on the Bill with James and will continue to do so.

My next advice surgery is on Friday December 6 at Tesco in Carnforth. My supermarket surgeries are drop-in surgeries. Just come along on the day.

If you need my help or advice you can always contact my office on 01524 841225.

If you want to write to me you can do so via www.davidmorrismp.co.uk or you can e-mail david.morris.mp@parliament.uk or write to Office 204 Riverway House, Morecambe Road, Skerton LA1 2RX.