Lancaster woman rescues swan from road

Kim Parry with the swan
Kim Parry with the swan
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A Lancaster woman decided to take matters into her own hands when she rescued a swan who lost its way during rush hour traffic.

Kim Parry, 26, from Beaumont, received a call from her friend about the cygnet which was spotted on Morecambe Road, Lancaster.

Kim Parry with swan

Kim Parry with swan

The mum-of-two said: “I was at work at the time and a friend of mine phoned me as she knows I deal with wildlife where I can.

“She said there was, what she thought was a swan, so I asked her to inform the police as I wasn’t in a position to collect the bird.

“When I finished work two hours later I decided to nip down and see if it had been removed and the swan still stood on the pavement.”

The swan, which was uninjured, was picked up at 3pm on January 5 and then put safely back into the River Lune.

Kim said: “Other than the typical signs of stress it seemed healthy, I noticed somebody walking towards it with a dog and in that moment I decided I needed to do something to remove it from the situation so it didn’t harm itself or cause an road accident.”