Hotel bar gets new name and makeover

Midland Hotel Ravilious Rotunda Bar
Midland Hotel Ravilious Rotunda Bar
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A striking new mural has been painted in the Midland to mark the hotel’s 80th birthday.

The painting in the Rotunda Bar, by artist Jonquil Cook, is a homage to the Midland’s lost mural by acclaimed artist Eric Ravilious.

Ravilious, assisted by his wife Tirzah, painted a mural on the circular wall of the hotel’s Rotunda Bar in the summer of 1933, just before The Midland first opened to the public.

Due to lack of time, the painting was started before the plaster on the wall had dried properly, and within a couple of years the mural was peeling so badly that it had to be completely painted over.

There are no colour photographs of the original mural, so Ms Cook chose her colour scheme by studying watercolour drawings that Ravilious prepared before he started work on the project.

The bar has now been renamed the ‘Ravilious Rotunda’.