Feeding my pony could kill it

Jak Sharp with Robbie the pony and Georgia Brayshaw.
Jak Sharp with Robbie the pony and Georgia Brayshaw.
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A pony could die if it is overfed the wrong sort of food, says his owner.

Robbie the Welsh pony, who is 13, suffers from laminitis, a condition similar to diabetes in humans, and cannot have excess amounts of grass or grain or else he could become ill and eventually die.

But Robbie’s owner Joanne Woodward says people continue to feed the ‘cute’ pony, despite her putting a notice up saying ‘Do not feed the pony!’

Joanne said: “He can’t graze a lot or have a lot of sugar due to his laminitis.

“I found a woman feeding him with a full bag of food which she had bought and I said ‘do you think you’re doing him a favour?’ I was really cross. He gets special food in the morning at 7am and 5pm.

“I’m his owner, so why is someone else feeding him?

“You are killing him.People just think ‘look at the cute little pony, let’s feed him. but he doesn’t belong to them.

“It’s like giving a diabetic kid a chocolate bar. He is on his own to restrict his grazing .

“Feeding him could cost me money for a vet or his life.”

Laminitis is one of the most serious, crippling diseases of horses, ponies and donkeys.

Severe and recurring cases of laminitis can reduce a horse’s usefulness or result in the horse being destroyed to prevent further suffering.

Treatment can require a lot of time and money.

The RSPCA were not available for comment.