Eric museum - we're laughing

MORECAMBE could soon have an Eric Morecambe museum.

Inspired by the fantastic popularity of the Eric Morecambe statue, plans are now underway to create a museum dedicated to the resort's comedy legend.

If funding and a suitable venue can be secured, the museum would house a treasure trove of Eric memorabilia, including personal possessions from Eric's son, Gary.

Those behind the plan say that the scope of the museum could even be widened to include other famous people with Morecambe comedy connections like Albert Modley, Thora Hird and Victoria Wood.

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Ideas for a comedy museum in Morecambe have been mooted before when future multiple uses of the Winter Gardens have been discussed.

And this latest proposal could represent the strongest possibility so far of the proposal coming to fruition.

The man behind it, Mark Bushell, is a museum and exhibitions professional who has been encouraged to investigate the plan after speaking to Gary Morecambe.

Mark told The Visitor: "Gary has boxes full of his dad's stuff just sitting around and it's such a shame that the public aren't seeing it.

"There's everything from the ventriloquist dummy he used as a young man breaking into the world of showbusiness to the top hat and tails he used on some of his most famous shows.

"There are personal diaries, unfinished scripts, his office furniture, his pipes and ash-trays.

"There's also a collection of Eric's books on such things as birdwatching and football, two of his great passions."

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