MP wages war on wind farms

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The MP for Morecambe is continuing his war on wind turbines after meeting with a prominent Isle of Man parliamentarian.

David Morris backed Stephen Rodan, speaker of the House of Keys on the Manx island, who opposes the building of wind turbines in shipping lanes in the Irish Sea.

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, which runs ferries between Douglas and Heysham, believes extra wind turbines may force them to reduce their services.

“We should not allow wind turbines to blight our shipping lanes in the same way they blight our countryside,” said Mr Morris.

“The proliferation of wind turbines in the Irish Sea is starting to reduce the capacity of shipping lanes. I think it is not fair to force shipping to navigate around a wall of wind farms.”

Mr Morris welcomed Mr Rodan to the Houses of Parliament last week.

The MP, a strong proponent of nuclear power ahead of renewable energy schemes, has spoken out against local land-based turbine projects in the past.

These include a wind farm plan at Longfield Tarn near Kirkby Lonsdale, which was scrapped by E.ON in August 2011 after residents protested, and British Telecom’s plans to build a wind turbine at Fanny House Farm, Oxcliffe Road, which has been given planning permission despite controversy.

Meanwhile Mr Morris has been outspoken in a wider debate about energy sources between rival politicians.

In a recent appearance on BBC’s Daily Politics show, Mr Morris said: “If we don’t go into nuclear power now there will be power cuts for the next 10 years.”

But Green Party leader Natalie Bennett called for investment in renewable energy sources saying: “Wind power is reliable.”