Heysham beach fails water ranking

THE beach at Half Moon Bay at Heysham has failed The 2012 Good Beach guide ranking for water quality.

The 2012 Good Beach Guide measures water quality at 754 beaches around the country - and then ranks them as either:

• Recommended water quality and good sewage treatment

• Guideline for good water quality

• Basic water passed the European Commission statutory minimum

• Fail

Beaches at Morecambe north, near the clock tower, Morecambe South and Morecambe South at the West End all received basic rankings.

In the North West of England, only just over a fifth of beaches were recommended this year.

Heavy recent rains are flushing raw sewage into coastal waters, ruining the water quality at popular beaches around the UK just as the bathing season begins, according to the Marine Conservation Society (MCS).

As it publishes its 2012 Good Beach Guide, the MCS reveals that one-third of the 750 beaches it tested failed on water quality, due to contamination from overflowing sewers and run-off from farms or from streets, where dog waste presents a significant problem.