Freak cyclone hits houses in Heysham

A MINI cyclone struck Heysham over the weekend blowing fences and debris all over the place, according to a local resident.

Debbie Thomas, who lives on Longlands Avenue, said: “Our garden looked like a bomb had hit it – bits of fence panels were scattered all over, a fence panel was split in half, another fence post split in half and one fence panel was twisted right round and stuck between our wall and the wall of a neighbour’s house.

“I couldn’t understand it at first, as even the gales hadn’t done that much damage.

“Then after speaking to my husband and next door neighbour, it all fell into place.

“At 8.30am on Saturday they had both heard a weird whooshing sound. My husband thought the bedroom window was coming out. Next door had the kitchen window open a little bit and the cyclone completely blew it open, followed by the damage to the fences.

“We had to patch our fences up to stop our dogs escaping.”

See The Visitor (21-02-12) for full story.