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David Brayshaw.
David Brayshaw.
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I went into a pub last weekend and didn’t have a drink (I’m quite proud). It was the Morecambe Hotel, however, which is being refurbished and so doesn’t have any water never mind alcohol but, I’m still proud of myself.

The Morecambe Hotel is now owned by Rod Taylor (he of Morecambe Football Club fame) and he has agreed that the Morecambe Heritage group can do a ‘Time Team’ style archaeological dig in the grounds.

I was meeting there with Rod, an archaeologist and Morecambe ‘champion’ Ian Hughes.

Ian and the archaeologist were shuffling around and muttering about test pits, whilst Rod and I were discussing the highs and lows of Morecambe FC; in fact I was probably boring him to death explaining what tactics I would employ if I were manager. Rod’s too nice a guy to tell me to belt up.

Anyway, I got a call from Mick Gorry. As well as running a major haulage company in the town, Mick owns Downeyfield Carriages and I’d asked him if he would bring one of his horse drawn carriages to the Viva Morecambe media launch, at The Midland.

He was ringing me to say that he would come, for photo purposes, it would look better if we had a carnival Queen or similar in the carriage.

This left me with a dilemma: where can I find a queen at such short notice? (And I know what those with vulgar minds are now thinking.)

As I do with most problems, I rang my wife and delegated the job. She’s always telling me that she can do most things better than I; obviously this doesn’t include cutting the grass or putting petrol in the car.

As usual though, Carla came to the rescue. She rang me later in the afternoon and told me that she’d found one of the very last Morecambe Carnival ‘Rosebuds’ and she’d be happy to attend the launch the following week. ‘That’s great’ I said and her name – Alice Taylor. Taylor? ‘Yes, you know her dad, he’s Rod Taylor’. Talk about coincidence.

Alice came down to the launch last Wednesday and she looked stunning; the horse drawn carriage was spectacular and Mick Gorry and Peter were resplendent in their coachman’s livery.

If you’ve not seen the pictures you must go to our Facebook page and take a look, they are fantastic.

If you want to see them in real life, get down to the carnival on May 4 as Mick will be carrying the Carnival King and Queen and Alice has kindly agreed to accompany them in the carriage.

Mick Gorry took the best part of a day out of his business to attend this launch and he did this because he, like many other local people, want to help the carnival be successful and foster community spirit.

I need to point this out to the traffic warden who threatened to stick a parking ticket on his horse box which Mick had parked in the Dome.