Pigeon man sent to jail

Pigeon man John Wilkinson feeding the birds on wasteland near his home on Cavendish Road, Morecambe.
Pigeon man John Wilkinson feeding the birds on wasteland near his home on Cavendish Road, Morecambe.
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Morecambe’s well-known ‘Pigeon man’ has been jailed for breaching his bird feeding ASBO.

John Wilkinson, of Cavendish Road in the town, was warned last November that if he continued to breach his anti-social behaviour order curbing his pigeon feeding habits, he would be jailed.

However, at Lancaster Magistrates Court on Friday he was jailed for six weeks.

Mr Wilkinson, a familiar figure around Morecambe, was served with the ASBO in December 2012 for causing annoyance and distress to residents over a number of years by feeding flocks of pigeons outside his home and in other parts of the district.

He was fined in July 2013 for breaching the terms of his ASBO by feeding birds after 5pm and within 100 metres of his home.

Lancaster City Council said Mr Wilkinson was brought before Lancaster Magistrates’ Court on a count of breaching his ASBO on February 25, 2014.

This was the third time the council had had to start prosecuting proceedings in relation to his breach of the order.

Mr Wilkinson pleaded guilty and the court then sentenced him.

The court heard about Mr Wilkinson’s breaches on July 4, 2013, September 12, 2013, October 11, 2013 and February 25, 2014 and proceeded to sentence him, not only in relation to the offence of February 25, 2014, but also in relation to the offences he committed on July 4, 2013, September 12, 2013 and October 11, 2013.

In relation to his suspended sentence the court activated his prison sentence and committed him to custody for two weeks.

In relation to his further breach on February 25, 2014, he was committed to prison for four weeks.

He therefore was given a consecutive sentence of six weeks.

A council spokesperson said: “Mr Wilkinson had been given every opportunity to comply with the conditions of his ASBO and fully understood the consequences of choosing not to do so.”