Carer stole jewellery from OAP

A CARER who stole more than £4,000 worth of jewellery from a vulnerable 92-year-old woman she was looking after tried to sell the items for cash.

Mother-of-two Tracy Hegarty, 43, of Albert Road, Morecambe, wept in court as she pleaded guilty to stealing the jewellery worth £4,230.

Prosecuting, Tracy Yates told Lancaster Magistrates Court that the 92-year-old woman had three care assistants, one of whom was the defendant, who provided help with dressing and preparing meals.

On January 22, it was discovered the pensioner’s jewellery was missing, which was normally kept in a drawer in the bedroom. Her brother-in-law and the police, who were called, did a search of the premises but the jewellery was not found.

A locket was found that was not part of the missing jewellery but the next day the locket was also missing.

Hegarty was the only carer who was there at the time the locket went missing.

The victim’s brother-in-law visited city jewellers with photos of the stolen items and asked to be informed if anyone tried to sell them.

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