Feisty Alice on the mend after robbery ordeal

Alice Turner who was tied up and robbed in her own home on Christie Avenue on Friday.

Alice Turner who was tied up and robbed in her own home on Christie Avenue on Friday.

A pensioner who was tied up and robbed in her own home has been blown away by the support of caring locals.

Alice Turner said the generosity of friends, neighbours and residents has given her a boost as she recovers from the terrifying ordeal.

Alice, who suffers from asthma and osteoporosis, was attacked and tied to her own stairlift by two men who burst into her home just before Christmas. They threatened to cut her finger off, stole £750 in cash and her brand new handbag containing a photo of her late husband.

The attack left 74-year-old Alice badly bruised and shaken. But an outpouring of public support, including a collection of £1,000 to replace the stolen money organised by two friends from Morecambe, Chris Holt and Amy Taylor, has lifted her spirits.

“I’m very grateful,” she said. “Half of these people don’t even know me. Neighbours have donated a few pounds and I’ve had flowers from Stannah Stairlifts and a security company donated CCTV, and I’ve had a cheque for £10 off a woman from Bare. I’d like to thank them all.”

Brave Alice, of Christie Avenue, admitted she was still struggling to cope in the aftermath of the attack.

“My chest is still sore from where I was grabbed and I’m still edgy. It gets to 7pm at night and I start getting scared. They’ve done my back in awnd my chest is still sore from where he grabbed me. I’ll need to see the doctor again.

“But I’m getting there. You’ve got to get on with it whether you like it or not. I’m still going to have my nights out at the bingo and the Jubilee Club.”

To prove she’s on the mend, darts fan Alice even threw out a cheeky challenge to Morecambe’s world-ranked arrows ace Dave ‘Chizzy’ Chisnall.

“I used to play darts but stopped because I couldn’t throw them any more,” said the feisty mum-of-six.

“But I’ll take ‘Chizzy’ on!”




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