Town Crier: Support Shrimps through thick and thin

Padraig Amond sees his penalty kick saved by Portsmouth keeper Trevor Carson.

Padraig Amond sees his penalty kick saved by Portsmouth keeper Trevor Carson.

Okay, it’s not great news that Morecambe FC lost £800,000 lastseason, but business is business and football clubs are as susceptible as the rest of us.

The team itself has been on a poor run of form, but they turned it around with two wins this week so hope is not lost.

It is at times like these that we need to realise how important Morecambe FC is to Morecambe and rally behind it.

The tough times are what define us. The Shrimps is not just a club but a corporate entity which provides employment, entertainment, sporting excellence and a focus for our community.

More than anything else the club needs bums on seats (and a few goals) and only the people of Morecambe can provide the support they need for both.

Work is under way to plan for the club’s resurgence – we all need to get to a few games and watch this space.

It is really heartbreaking to see Morecambe’s iconic Winter Gardens – currently being painstakingly restored small piece by piece by a team of volunteers funded only by donations – targeted repeatedly by thieves.

Not only is the lead crucial to keeping the building safe and dry, but it is expensive to replace under the rules governing its Grade 2 listing. Not only do these threats hinder ongoing work but provide an insurance headache and consequently, a very real threat to the restoration as a whole.




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