Columnist Mick Dennison: Let’s make Morecambe party central

Mick Dennison
Mick Dennison
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Following on from last week’s theme regarding behavioural change within the psyche of the British pub goer, I feel I need to make a comment on the Morecambe Christmas Party scene – or should I say lack of it.

I’ve been privy over the last few weeks to seeing groups of people meeting up in the York, and I’m sure in other pubs around town too, before going out on their works dos. A very normal activity at this time of year I’m sure.

What slightly galls me is the majority, if not all, of these groups of people going out on their functions are “off to Lancaster”. As an inquisitive publican, I ask why and the same old story is that there is too much trouble in Morecambe or not enough quality places to go etc, etc – not a good advert for our town.

I can honestly say that I attended a great Christmas party in Morecambe at the Kings Arms in the first week of December when we had our Pubwatch function. Nigel kindly closed the pub for the night (a Monday) and all staff and us hard-working publicans enjoyed a great night of music, food and good craic. I know a few other companies have been there for daytime functions and have had a great time.

I remember when Morecambe was THE place for a great pre-Christmas night out for groups of work parties and maybe next year we could match whatever Lancaster has to keep the money in the town. Maybe the behavioural change has to come from us, the Morecambe nighttime economy industry, in order to attract those companies to spend their Christmas celebrations in the town.

One day over the festive period that does help to bring communities together is Christmas Day itself when many folk come out for a few hours to meet up and celebrate the morning and early afternoon. Ask your pub landlord what his opening times are, not forgetting Boxing Day when Morecambe FC have a cracker of a local derby with Fleetwood at the Globe Arena. You can’t beat a pre-match pint and the lunchtime Sky/BT Sport game – try it in your local this year!

Whichever way you spend your Christmas, don’t forget - your local will always be there for you, 365 days a year