Columnist: Mick Dennison

Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.

I have a few points to put to the so-called group of people who go by the name of Transport Solutions for Lancaster and Morecambe (TSLM) after a frustrating fortnight of planning my journeys to Mitchell’s head office in Lancaster with military precision.

First point is do you all have decent jobs within an easy commute from your homes? If you do, well done, you have no need for a new road. However, many people aren’t that lucky and have to endure a daily grind to work to places such as Preston, seeing as there’s not many highly paid jobs here – perhaps you folk in TSLM all have good jobs in Morecambe and Lancaster!

There would be decent jobs, in time, if the county council were able to get on with it. Sadly, there are groups of filibusters like TSLM who won’t be happy until every decision has gone their way; in the meantime the bill for the eventual start of the project rises.

Whilst that delay is in place, there will not be the investment to the financial desert that is Morecambe now. God forbid we ever manage to generate a sustainable tourist trade. Now, if I was visiting the town for the first time and sat in Lancaster and Greyhound Bridge for 45 mins, I would never come here again.

Similarly, if I was a haulage company trying to get loads to Heysham Harbour I would be counting the cost of the diesel wasted sitting in traffic, never mind the angry shouts from car drivers as I’m blocking up the local roads.

Another question to Mr Gates (TSLM) – have you ever owned or worked for a business in Morecambe? I doubt it, otherwise you wouldn’t have such a deep-rooted hatred for the project which we all know is going in the wrong direction. However, any road would be welcome to breathe some new life into the town.

Sadly, I think we will be talking about this very unacceptable situation after Christmas and New Year and in the meantime, I suggest the train to Lancaster or set off an hour before your appointment, pay extra for parking and block up the roads with your car.

If TSLM get their way buy an ox and cart. I don’t think it’s illegal to use that mode of transport in the bus lane – is it?